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Archives: July 2015

  • Palliative Radiotherapy Continues to Evolve for Supportive Care

    July 26, 2015
    As cancer rates across the country continue to rise courtesy of the aging Baby Boomer generation, treatments for this disease’s many forms continue to evolve. Once such option that has made leaps and bounds in recent years is palliative radiotherapy meant to ease symptoms, not necessarily care them. Palliative radiotherapy is designed to provide support for patients who might face...read more
  • Hospice: Delivering Compassionate Care Regardless of Environment

    July 15, 2015
    One of America’s most recognized nonprofits that’s dedicated to providing dignity and quality care to those facing end-of-life challenges doesn’t discriminate in its mission. The program is available to patients regardless of race, creed, religion, financial standing, and, as it turns out, incarceration status. With many studies showing that the prison community as a whole has a greater incident...read more
  • Palliative Radiotherapy Delivers Help for Ongoing Supportive Care

    July 1, 2015
    With more cancer patients living longer lives despite metastatic tumors, the need for ongoing pain management and symptomatic relief is becoming evident. Pain, especially, is a concern for those with tumors located in the bone, spine or brain. While medications can deliver some pain management support, palliative radiotherapy may offer a stronger, more immediate prong of support without necessarily...read more

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