Archives: June 2016

  • Radiotherapy In Rectal Cancer Treatment May Have Added Benefit

    June 25, 2016
    Undergoing radiation therapy to treat rectal cancer can be a bit intimidating. After all, this form of treatment is designed to effectively kill off cancer cells, but also has a propensity to irradiate nearby, healthy cells in the process. This, as it turns out, may not be an entirely bad turn of events in the case of rectal cancers, more
  • HPV Vaccinations Strongly Urged By Healthcare Professionals

    June 14, 2016
    Nearly 13,000 American women are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer annually in the United States. Roughly 4,000 women die from the disease each year. This form of cancer can sometimes be prevented entirely through the use of a vaccine. That vaccine, however, is widely under-utilized in America, causing healthcare organizations across the country to issue a plea for more

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