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Archives: June 2018

  • Genetic Testing May Improve Chemotherapy for Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

    June 23, 2018
    A study conducted found that an aggressive form of breast cancer, especially when the patient has BRCA mutations, responds well to non-standard chemotherapy. New research suggests that chemotherapy can be improved and personalized with genetic testing for breast cancer. Patients who have triple-negative breast cancer do not respond to the target drug Herceptin or hormone therapies. Therefore they are...read more
  • How Advanced Immunotherapy is Transforming the Lives of Cancer Patients in Texas

    June 15, 2018
    The future of cancer treatment lies in advanced immunotherapy options. Immunotherapy is the treatment of cancer that is designed to boost the natural ability of the body to fight cancer by restoring the function of the immune system. A compromised immune system fails to destroy dangerous cells, allowing cancer to develop. More often cancer cells find ways of blocking...read more

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