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Archives: August 2018

  • Lung Cancer Warning – Don’t Ignore Unexplained Weight Loss

    August 24, 2018
    Lung Cancer Warning – Don’t Ignore Unexplained Weight Loss When lung cancer is in its early stages, spotting its symptoms can be difficult. However, the undisputable signs of lung cancer include chest pain or coughing. And when you experience unexplained weight loss, don’t ignore it as it can be another symptom, experts warn. Lung cancer is among the most common cancer...read more
  • What is an Oncologist?

    August 15, 2018
    An oncologist is a doctor whose specialty is in treatment and management of cancer. This involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various cancer types. According to estimates, over 1.7 million persons will undergo a cancer diagnosis in the United States in 2018. This makes the work of oncologists more significant. Training and job function for oncologists To provide the most...read more

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