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Archives: August 2019

  • Efforts Continue to Increase Lung Cancer Screening

    August 23, 2019
    Lung cancer is the fastest killing cancer disease. Cancer screening is essential for patients who are 55 to 74 years of age and who did not quit smoking 15 years ago. Continuous testing among patients has many morbidity benefits. Over 15,000 patients enrolled in the NELSON trial. Half of the patients received CT screening while the other half did not...read more
  • Blood Test That May Predict Breast Cancer

    August 14, 2019
    Breast cancer remains the leading cancer type among women and the second deadliest after lung cancer. Survivors of breast cancer often worry that the illness might reemerge; this is because breast cancer receptors show that the tumor is likely to reoccur five years after diagnosis. Scientists continue to understand the factors that come into play to cause breast cancer. They...read more

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