Archives: October 2019

  • Why Colorectal Cancer Cases Are High In Young Adults

    October 26, 2019
    New data from the National Cancer Institute shows that colorectal cancer cases are getting more prevalent in young adults today. Experts think it’s due to the modern sugary diet, sedentary lifestyles or gut microbiome changes. But these are just speculations. The causes of this rise are not clear yet. Digestive issues, feeling bloated, low energy levels, rectal bleeding, feeling more
  • How Sugar Controls the Cancer-Causing NRF2 Protein

    October 16, 2019
    A study has identified the fact that sugar can regulate cancer-causing protein and help in developing a new treatment strategy. Gene mutations can cause many cancers. Among the mutated genes in cancer is the NRF2, which leads to lung, bladder, esophageal, head and neck and liver cancers. NRF2 helps to protect cells from reactive oxygen species, which are more

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