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Archives: June 2020

  • Understanding Lung Biopsy Procedures

    June 15, 2020
    Choice Cancer Care explains the various lung biopsy procedures. Decatur, TX – June 15, 2020 –Lung biopsy procedures include removing tissue samples of the lung for examination to determine if lung cancer is present. The tissue samples can be removed during surgery or using a special biopsy needle. Lung biopsies can be performed in an open or closed method. Open...read more
  • Is it Safe to Get a Second Opinion about Cancer during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Getting a second opinion about your cancer diagnosis is recommended. This will help you to confirm your diagnosis and get different ideas for your treatment, especially if your type of cancer is rare or hard to treat. But how safe is it to seek a second opinion with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? If you're wondering whether you should get another...read more
  • How to Cope with Fear of Recurrence after Breast Cancer Treatment

    The fear of your breast cancer recurring after treatment can impact yours and your loved ones' quality of life. Breakthroughs in breast cancer screening, early diagnosis, and treatment have helped to increase patient survival rates across the world. But still, survivors continue to worry about their disease recurrence. An interdisciplinary team of researchers are examining how the fear of breast cancer...read more
  • New Guidelines for Patients to Access Cancer Care during Covid-19

    The Federal guidelines have allowed cancer patients to access care even with the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, cancer care teams and their patients have experienced difficulty in making choices about administering treatments, screening, and diagnostic care. The guidelines provided earlier advised some care centers to postpone non-essential and elective procedures to allow medical professionals to focus...read more

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