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  • Exercise May Have Big Benefits In Preventing, Treating Cancer

    May 25, 2016
    It’s no secret that exercise has long been linked to helping people live potentially longer, healthier and more active lives. A recent study that delved into the findings of numerous other studies is also shedding light on the potential benefits rigorous exercise may have in preventing and even helping treat cancer. While the findings remain inconclusive and preliminary because...read more
  • Lumpectomies Might Be A Better Choice For Some Breast Cancer Patients

    May 15, 2016
    Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer may not always have to face radical mastectomies to fight this disease. Researchers have found that lumpectomies combined with radiotherapy have much more promising results than mastectomies alone. Those findings come from a study that was conducted in the Netherlands involving some 37,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer. The observational study looked at...read more
  • MRIs Find Breast Cancers Missed By Mammograms

    April 24, 2016
    Mammograms are the gold standard in breast cancer detection, but that doesn’t mean this form of imaging is perfect. In fact, a recent study shed light on how MRIs are actually able to catch breast cancers that standard mammograms may miss. To providing insights into the benefits of MRI in detecting additional breast cancers, researchers recently looked at records from...read more
  • Treatment May Preserve Fertility For Some Breast Cancer Patients

    April 12, 2016
    Premenopausal women who receive a positive diagnosis of breast cancer often face a double whammy of sorts. First, there’s the breast cancer itself. The second blow comes with the realization that potentially lifesaving treatments may forever damage ability to conceive. Researchers may have found a way to soften that second part of the whammy. Studies are supporting the use of...read more
  • Treatment May Help Preserve Fertility In Breast Cancer Patients

    March 25, 2016
    A diagnosis of breast cancer in the pre-menopausal years may prove especially devastating for women who have dreams of one day having their own families. Treatments, after all, are widely known to impact fertility, taking pregnancy off the table for many women. A treatment involving the use of the hormone-releasing hormone analogueLHRHa may offer a way to change that...read more
  • Prophylactic Double Mastectomy May Have Some Pitfalls

    March 15, 2016
    Women diagnosed with breast cancer may make the conscious choice to undergo a double mastectomy even if tumors are only found in a single breast. A double mastectomy can help remove the likelihood of cancer developing in the second breast while also potentially delivering peace of mind. This extra surgical step, however, may reduce quality of life for some...read more
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis Gap Now Gone

    February 25, 2016
    While breast cancer is a legitimate concern for all women regardless of race and even age, whites historically have had a higher incident rate of this potentially fatal disease. That’s no longer the case, however, according to a recently released study published by the American Cancer Society. Researchers found that the gap in diagnosis rates between the two races essentially...read more
  • Radiotherapy Shows Promise In Liver Tumor Treatment

    February 13, 2016
    Liver cancer strikes an estimated 39,000 Americans each year. With a fatality estimate of about 27,000 people annually, the disease is considered one of the more deadly forms of cancer. While certain cases can be successfully treated through surgery and other procedures, not all tumors are operable. Researchers are finding, however, that higher doses of radiotherapy may improve overall...read more
  • Acrylamide in Food: Is It a Concern?

    January 28, 2016
    Headlines about a possible carcinogen in common foods, such as potato chips and French fries, have people emptying out their pantries in concern. While the jury remains out on acrylamide and its link to cancer, there’s likely no need to panic just yet. Smart steps, however, can reduce the potential for harm related to acrylamide exposure as researchers delve...read more
  • Post-Prostatectomy Radiation: Is It Necessary?

    January 11, 2016
    Men diagnosed with prostate cancer may find their best bet to beat the disease is to have this gland removed entirely. After all, when the tumor site is removed, most worries melt away. That’s not always the case, however. Stray cells can linger behind after surgery, creating new problems down the road. This is why it is sometimes recommended...read more

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