• Embracing Technology for Cancer Care

    September 3, 2014
    Cancer treatment comes with its very own set of language - including terminology associated with the extensive technology used to detect, diagnose, and treat cancer. It’s difficult enough to receive a diagnosis for cancer, it’s even more challenging to have that diagnosis include a variety of technology and terminology that seems almost impossible to understand. This particular challenge is more
  • Cancer and Radiation Treatment

    The two most well-known treatments for cancer are chemotherapy and radiation. The first delivers drugs into the body that directly kill cancer cells. The other delivers beams of radiation to the tumor itself to stop growth and ultimately eradicate the tumor itself. If you’re facing the prospect of radiation, you may know by now that there are several more
  • Our New Look

    July 11, 2014
    Cancer Center at Wise Regional gets new look! In 2006 architection designed the free standing North Texas Cancer Center. architection has gone back to design a 1,125 s.f. addition and 5,000 s.f. renovation which is now nearing completion. A second vault has been added and fit out for a Varian Accelerator. Finishes throughout are being upgraded and the Chemotherapy more

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