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  • Skin Cancer May Predict Future Cancers

    January 23, 2019
    A recent study shows that individuals with many cases of a skin cancer type, face a high risk of developing other cancers. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and there are many types, with the most common being the basal cell carcinoma. Millions of diagnoses are carried out every year in the United States. Ultra violet light constantly bombards our...read more
  • State-of-the-art Diagnosis and Immuno-Oncology Treatment in Texas

    January 16, 2019
    Also known as immunotherapy, immuno-oncology is an advanced cancer treatment method that boosts the body’s immune system so it can fight cancer. Usually, our immune system is unbelievably effective at fighting all kinds of diseases except cancer. Immunotherapy cancer treatment’s new frontier fights the disease at the cellular level. How Does Immunotherapy Work? Foreign pathogens such as viruses and bacteria enter the body, causing a disease. To fight...read more
  • Understanding Radiology and Radiation Therapy

    December 24, 2018
    Both radiation therapy and radiology are essential components of most cancer treatments and diagnoses. The similarity in names can get a patient confused by what each one means or does for them. Cancer care requires a multidisciplinary system with various procedures to address the unique needs of each patient. Radiation therapy and radiology use distinct technologies and techniques to serve different purposes in cancer care...read more
  • How to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer

    December 14, 2018
    Colorectal cancer begins when precancerous polyps grow in the rectum or colon. The polyps can remain in the colon for a long time before developing into cancer. Colorectal cancer does not present symptoms in the early stages. Its cause is not known, although some people develop the disease because of family history. Below are ways that can help prevent colorectal...read more
  • How to Find a Cancer Care Specialist in North Texas

    November 25, 2018
    It is essential to find the best doctor and treatment facility if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. This is an important step that will help you receive the best treatment there is. Choosing a doctor for your cancer care requires a lot of consideration and deliberation. You have to be comfortable with the specialist you select because that is...read more
  • How Cancer Centers Have Transformed Cancer Care Today

    November 16, 2018
    Most comprehensive cancer centers act as focal points for cancer control, and they influence the cancer and health system development. In their bid to strengthen the health system capacity, these centers go beyond treating cancer to address the overall goals of the health system. The capacity to develop comprehensive cancer systems depends on the resources available, national intervention, effective...read more
  • Choosing the Best Breast Cancer Surgeon in the North Texas Area

    October 23, 2018
    After receiving your diagnosis for breast cancer, you’ll be referred to breast cancer specialists to treat your disease. Depending on your treatment plan and option, you may be required to choose a breast cancer surgeon as part of a medical team. Your preferred surgeon should be able to give you outstanding surgical treatment. It's essential that you vet your...read more
  • Why Selecting a Renowned Cancer Care Center in Texas Can Save Your Life

    October 13, 2018
    When you’re diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is how to find a good cancer treatment center to help you. It’s not easy to determine good cancer treatment facilities from a bad one. Choosing a cancer treatment center requires researching various centers in your area so that you can start your treatment with confidence in...read more
  • Diet and Tips That Help In Lowering the Risks of Colorectal Cancer

    September 24, 2018
    Colorectal cancer is a common type of cancer across the world. However, it has been determined that incidences of this disease are low in India due to high intake of fiber and a balanced amount of fat, carbs, and proteins. The influence of western culture has led many people to consume junk food. Many people are prone to colon...read more
  • The Impact of Diet on the Risk of Breast Cancer

    September 14, 2018
    Breast cancer is not common in countries with plant based and low-fat diets. High-fat diets have been proven to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. A study confirmed the role of high fruit and vegetable diet in reduced risks of breast cancer, although some researchers argue that the evidence of this fact is still inconclusive. Individuals who...read more

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