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  • New Guidelines for Patients to Access Cancer Care during Covid-19
    The Federal guidelines have allowed cancer patients to access care even with the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, cancer care teams and their patients have experienced difficulty in making choices about administering treatments, screening, and diagnostic care. The guidelines provided earlier advised some care centers to postpone non-essential and elective procedures to […]
  • Cancer Care Management during the Coronavirus Era
    Most cancer treatments and clinical trials have either been put on hold or postponed during the COVID 19 pandemic. This is because both newly diagnosed and metastatic disease patients are afraid of getting infected. Right now, COVID-19 has become the leading cause of death globally, overshadowing Ischemic heart disease and cancer. This is due to […]
  • Surgery is the Best Option for Early-Stage Colon Cancer
    The large intestine (colorectum) is a crucial component of the digestive system. Cancer found in any part of the colon can spread to the lungs, liver, bones, and other organs in the body. Individuals with personal or family history of colon cancer may start experiencing symptoms at age 25-35. Therefore, it is recommended to go […]
  • Ways for Prevention, Detection, and Treatment of Breast Cancer
    Cancer is a deadly disease that requires proactive measures to defeat. Regular screening and checkups can help identify the disease early while it’s treatable. Breast cancer incidence in women across the world is very high and is expected to rise in the coming years. Mammography is the standard method for detecting breast cancer early. The […]
  • How to Recognize Colon Cancer
    A patient’s chance of recovering from colon cancer is relatively low. In its final stages, the chances of survival from colorectal cancer are very minimal and end in the death of the patient. But if identified early, survival rates can improve. About 60% of all cases of colon cancer affect the intestines, while the remaining […]

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