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3 Things to Consider When Seeking Cancer Care in Texas

It is estimated that nearly 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in the coming year. While nearly 600,000 people will die from cancer-related causes in the same period, it is important for the newly diagnosed to keep some very encouraging figures in mind as they seek out cancer care in Texas. The National Cancer Institute estimated there were 14.5 million Americans living beyond a cancer diagnosis in 2014. The number of survivors who continue to thrive is on track to rise to 19 million by 2024.

To help increase the odds of a positive outcome, patients should consider these things when seeking cancer care in Texas:

  • A practice’s specialty areas – There are many forms of cancer, each with their own best practices for treating at different stages. With that in mind, it can be very important to seek out healthcare providers or practices that specialize in a particular area. Doctors who focus on lung cancer, for example, may be dedicated solely to working with patients who present with this form of the disease.
  • Treatment options offered – While recommendations for treatment will hinge on the cancer that is present, its stage and other factors, it can be helpful to look at a doctor or practice’s treatment options provided. Surgery and chemotherapy, for example, might be common, but radiation, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and other alternatives can prove to be important tools in the fight against certain forms of cancer. Ideally, those seeking cancer care in Texas will want to be matched with the best possible treatment for their form of the disease. Seeking out doctors or practices that offer a diversity of care options can result in more highly tailored treatment.
  • The focus of a practice – No matter how positive the prognosis, cancer is still a very scary diagnosis. With that in mind, patients seeking cancer care in Texas are likely to feel more comfortable in practices that take a highly compassionate approach to care. Patient-first and tailored treatment plans, for example, can give patients the confidence that comes from knowing they are more than case numbers to their healthcare providers.

More people are living well beyond a diagnosis of cancer these days. While outcomes will hinge greatly on the cancer diagnosed, its stage and aggressiveness, seeking a good fit in care can be critical, as well.

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