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Best Breast Cancer Treatment Options: Texas Women Have Choices

Breast cancer is a very real concern that an estimated 252,000 American women will have to face head on in the coming year. While routine screening and advanced treatment options have made this disease very survivable for many, an estimated 40,000 women across the country lose their lives to breast cancer every year. Women who are seeking the best breast cancer treatment options in Texas will find that choices do exist.

The best breast cancer treatment options Texas women can pursue are those that are tailored to meet the specifics of their case, including staging, tumor aggressiveness and size. Women will find one of the most common treatment routes involves the use of surgery followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation. To ensure the best possible treatment is selected, women can help themselves by making sure:

  • The surgery pursued fits the specifics of their case – Undergoing a double mastectomy followed by reconstruction for an early stage, low-risk tumor may not be in a woman’s best interest. Doctors should tailor their recommendations based on the facts of the case and the route most likely to address the tumor without sacrificing quality of life going forward. Genetic tests, for example, may determine risk of recurrence is higher for some patients than others. Without positive genetic findings, however, pursuing a more aggressive option may do more harm than good.
  • Their doctor takes a patient-first approach – Doctors who specialize in cancer care with a patient-first approach will seek to deliver the treatment that is most likely to produce a positive outcome with as few as side effects as possible. To find the best breast cancer treatment options in Texas in this regard, look for doctors and practices that offer a diversity of treatment choices and strive to help patients find the best fit for their unique circumstances.

The best breast cancer care in Texas requires finding a good fit for personal needs. Doctors and practices that take a compassionate, patient-first approach help the women in their care find the best options to meet the specifics of their unique cases.


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