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Blood Test That May Predict Breast Cancer

Breast cancer remains the leading cancer type among women and the second deadliest after lung cancer. Survivors of breast cancer often worry that the illness might reemerge; this is because breast cancer receptors show that the tumor is likely to reoccur five years after diagnosis.

Scientists continue to understand the factors that come into play to cause breast cancer. They are looking at new research whereby blood is used to test the body’s antitumor inflammatory, which will show chances of breast cancer recurrence. The use of a blood test to predict breast cancer entails:

  • Predicting recurrence within 3 to 5 years – A person’s antitumor immune reaction, often determined by the balance between anti-inflammatory and immune system through receiving a signal from cytokines. A study was carried out of 40 patients with the previous history of breast cancer and a clinical follow up for about four years. The study aimed to determine if a blood test can correctly predict breast cancer recurrence. The analysis found that T reg cells altered two anti-inflammatories and two pro-inflammatory cytokines. It indicates that the chances of the recurrence of breast cancer is possible. If physicians and patients knew there would be a chance of cancer recurrence, treatment could be altered to be more aggressive.
  • The significance of the study and findings – A physician needs to identify those patients with a high risk of relapsing to breast cancer during the first diagnosis. Carrying out more tests and administering aggressive treatment will reduce the chances of reoccurrence. The patients can receive proper medical care and monitoring as needed based on the results of the test.

A more predictable blood test would give physicians a better approach in dealing with breast cancer and determining the chances of reoccurrence.

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