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Breast Cancer: North Texas Women Urged to Stay Ahead of this Disease

The American Cancer Society estimates nearly 253,000 women across the country will face a diagnosis of breast cancer in the coming year. While it may not always be possible to avoid breast cancer, north Texas women can take steps to stay ahead of this disease. Preventative measures can make a difference in helping some women avoid this disease. Routine screening may also prove critical for helping women beat breast cancer should it develop regardless of preventative steps.

North Texas oncologists recommend these things for help women get ahead of this disease:

  • Understand personal risks – Breast cancer has a number of risk factors that include some that are preventable and some that are not. To get a handle on both, it is recommended that north Texas women talk to their doctors about their personal risks for the disease and take steps to address factors that can be changed.
  • Address lifestyle concerns – Eating right, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding tobacco and alcohol use can all make a difference in lowering breast cancer risks. These measures may also help women improve overall health. Recent studies have also shown that healthy lifestyle habits may have an impact on survivability odds if cancer does develop. If these lifestyle factors aren’t already in place, it is recommended that north Texas women talk to their doctors to begin taking steps to adopt them.
  • Go in for routine screening – All women are technically at risk for breast cancer. One of the best ways to beat the disease if it develops is to obtain intervention as early as possible. That means routine screening critical. Women should talk to their doctors about when screening should begin based on their personal risks for the disease.

Breast cancer, north Texas women will learn, isn’t always preventable. It is possible, however, for women to stay on top of this concern by leading healthy lifestyles, understanding risks and going in for routine screening.


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