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Choosing the Best Breast Cancer Surgeon in the North Texas Area

After receiving your diagnosis for breast cancer, you’ll be referred to breast cancer specialists to treat your disease. Depending on your treatment plan and option, you may be required to choose a breast cancer surgeon as part of a medical team. Your preferred surgeon should be able to give you outstanding surgical treatment. It’s essential that you vet your potential surgeons for experience and expertise before selecting the one who’ll treat you.

After receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer diagnosis learn all the details of your specific type and stage of breast cancer to help you select the right medical team for your treatments. When looking for the best breast cancer surgeon, there are certain qualities you should focus on.

Here’s how to find the best breast cancer surgeon in North Texas:

  • Check the American Society of Breast Surgeons membership directory and analyze the listed breast surgeons and their credentials.
  • Get referrals from people who work in healthcare such as physicians, nurses and even from family and friends.  Look for a breast surgeon with significant years of breast surgery experience who has devoted their practice to breast cancer surgery. They should be better surgeons in both diagnosis and treatment.
  • Get a breast cancer surgeon who keeps up with advanced techniques and options such as mammosites, nipple-saving mastectomy and radioactive seed localization of tumors.
  • The breast cancer surgeon should be one who has sought additional training and certifications in breast cancer treatment and diagnosis.
  • The surgeon should care about your comfort. They should be able to minimize your pain or discomfort of a biopsy or any other procedure. Also, try to get a second opinion.
  • Have a list of all the important questions you’d like to ask your surgeon regarding your situation and their experience. Let them answer your questions to help you make informed decisions and feel more at peace with the process.

Do your homework and select a surgeon with the best qualities in practice and experience in breast cancer surgery. One you’ll work closely with during your journey to wellness. Together you can take the best actions and make important decisions that will maximize your chance for positive results. This way you will be at peace knowing that your decision to find a caring and experienced surgeon will help you on your journey to be cancer free.

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