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Cancer Services: Expert Diagnosis & Treatment in North Texas

Early diagnosis of cancer is the best way to cure cancer fast. It is vital for a patient to consult with their doctor about the various cancer screening types that are appropriate for them. Studies have revealed that screenings help to save lives by diagnosing some cancers at their early stages. Patients with other high-risk cancers also get screening test recommendations.

Some of the recommendations and guidelines by doctors for various cancer diagnosis approaches include:

  • Physical examination – If the doctor suspects lumps in your body that indicate a tumor, they’ll refer you for a physical exam. A physical exam looks for abnormalities like organ enlargements or skin color changes, which could be an indication of cancer.
  • Laboratory tests – They include blood or urine tests to identify abnormalities due to cancer. For example, a complete blood count may reveal abnormalities in the number of type of white blood cells indicating the presence of leukemia.
  • Other tests include imaging tests which help to examine internal organs and bones non-invasively and biopsies where sample cells are collected for tests in the laboratory.

After diagnosis, doctors will determine the stage of the patient’s cancer, which will, in turn, help them in finding the best treatment options. A patient’s treatment options depend on the type and stage of cancer, the patient’s general health and preferences. The objectives of cancer treatment are to cure the patient by eliminating the cancer from their body and allowing them to live normally.

Some of the expert cancer treatments include:

  • Surgery – It is the removal of cancer by surgical processes.
  • Chemotherapy – It utilizes drugs to eliminate cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy – Is where high-powered radiation beams like X-rays are targeted at cancer locations to kill the cancer cells.
  • The other treatment methods include stem cell transplants or bone marrow transplants, immunotherapy or biological therapy, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, clinical trials, to mention a few.

Cancer diagnosis changes the life of a patient forever. Individuals find their own ways of coping with the changes that come with cancer. Some get confused on what to do. But some institutions offer full expert support to patients and their families during the whole process of treatment.


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