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Why Should Chemotherapy Treatments Be Individualized?

Cancer patients who are facing this disease will discover that chemotherapy is a common course of treatment for nearly every form of the disease. Even so, it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Skilled oncologists will carefully formulate the best possible treatment plan for patients on a highly individualized basis. That individualization includes the type of chemo drugs used, the dosage, and the relief provided for symptomatic events.

Why Individualization Matters?

Cancer has many forms and not all of them respond to the same drugs in the exact same way. The type of chemo medication that is best suited for treating breast cancer, for example, may not have the desired effect on skin or prostate cancer. With that in mind, doctors carefully select the right drugs for killing the precise cancer cells in question. Ideally, the oncologist will want to find the right drug or combination of them to aggressively attack cancer cells so a course of treatment can be as swift as possible without causing the patient undue stress in the process.

Chemotherapy drugs must be set to the right dose for the patient in question. That means taking such things as weight and age into account to derive a safe, but effective dose.

While chemotherapy drugs are highly effective at killing cancer cells, they do present with some rather heavy-hitting side effects. Since they also kill healthy cells as they work in the body, people can experience hair loss, nausea, a reduction in immunities, and more. Patients, however, do not always experience the exact same side effects. This is why doctors tend to treat the symptoms that go along with chemo on a very individualized basis.

Undergoing Treatments

As you begin the process of chemotherapy, you may find your doctor making adjustments along the way. This happens so your doctor can provide you the best possible treatment while ensuring discomfort and side effects are kept to an acceptable level. As treatments are ongoing, be sure to keep an open dialogue with your doctor. If you work together, the chances for success are greatly enhanced.

Chemotherapy can be a difficult process, but your doctor will be there to help you every step of the way. By individualizing your treatment to meet your specific needs, your doctor is working to help you gain the best possible outcome. For more information click here

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