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The Impact of Diet on the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not common in countries with plant based and low-fat diets. High-fat diets have been proven to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. A study confirmed the role of high fruit and vegetable diet in reduced risks of breast cancer, although some researchers argue that the evidence of this fact is still inconclusive. Individuals who consume ultra-processed foods are prone to breast cancer risk.

Quite recently, a long-term study dug deeper into investigating the connection between a diet in vegetables and fruit and breast cancer risk. It was suggested that:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer and the risk of developing tumors that are aggressive. It also explains the amount of vegetables and fruits servings one should eat each day to offset this risk. Fruits contain antioxidants that may be a contributing factor to offsetting the risk of cancer.
  • Women who consume more than five and a half servings of vegetables and fruits daily have an 11% low breast cancer risk compared to those who eat only two and a half servings or less of the same.
  • To the researchers, a serving consists of one cup of raw leafy vegetables, half cup of raw or cooked fruit, or half a cup of either cooked or raw vegetables.
  • The fruit and vegetable diet also contributes to the reduced risk of aggressive cancer tumors that grow and spread fast and most often resist traditional treatments like chemotherapy. They include breast cancer that is estrogen receptor-negative, HER2 breast cancer and basal-like cancers that are similar to the triple-negative aggressive tumor.

While a diet rich in vegetables and fruits has many health benefits, the results of this study is an inspiration for women to increase the consumption of the fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to get organic food to reduce the exposure to pesticides which can cause several health problems including high risk of breast cancer.


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