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Exercise May Have Big Benefits In Preventing, Treating Cancer

It’s no secret that exercise has long been linked to helping people live potentially longer, healthier and more active lives. A recent study that delved into the findings of numerous other studies is also shedding light on the potential benefits rigorous exercise may have in preventing and even helping treat cancer. While the findings remain inconclusive and preliminary because of limited subjects in the studies reviewed, the data reviewed does shed light on a number of potential benefits getting physical may have.

Researchers have found that vigorous exercise may help people prevent and/or treat cancer courtesy of the following benefits:

  • Its link to helping reduce inflammation – Studies have shown that exercise can help reduce inflammation in some cases while also helping people shed weight. Inflammation associated with obesity or above-normal weight has been linked to several forms of cancer. It is important to note, however, that dietary changes many also be essential in combination with exercise to truly produce the desired preventative results.
  • Immune system boosting – A number of studies have shown that exercise can boost immune function, which can assist in fighting off a number of potential diseases. Some studies cited by the researchers indicated a potential boost in cancer killing cells courtesy of exercise.
  • Changes in tumor environments – Some studies have shown that exercise can help promote positive immune response in those diagnosed with cancer.

While much more focused study is required to better confirm the positive effects of exercise on cancer, preliminary findings are rather promising. People will find that exercise in general is considered a critical part of a healthy lifestyle because of the benefits it can have on weight control, the cardiovascular system, the muscles and more.

People who are concerned about cancer are urged to discuss the topic with their healthcare providers. While exercise may help improve health standing, it is not a replacement for medical advice in regard to screening and, if necessary, treatment should cancer be diagnosed.

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