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Extra Ears Help Manage Incoming Information for Cancer Patients

When you are diagnosed with cancer, the information begins flying at you fast and furious. It can be difficult to wrap your brain around the diagnosis itself without also managing the terminology, treatment options, prognosis, potential side effects, and other information that your doctor will be providing you with in this already overwhelming time. How can you best manage this difficult time in your life, gather all the information that you desperately need, and make the decisions that are best for your treatment?

Have a Buddy in your Corner

One of the ways that you can help manage all this information is by having a loved one assist you. A spouse, a trusted friend, or family member can accompany you to doctor appointments so that they can also listen to what the doctor has to say, take notes, help formulate questions, and overall offer you another perspective and an extra set of ears when you might not be taking in everything that you need to hear.

When you are under an enormous amount of stress it can be difficult to decipher what is being said to you at any given time and to understand what is being said. It is understandable that you are under stress when you receive a cancer diagnosis and so it is also understandable that you may not receive information in the way that it is given. It really helps to have someone along for the ride who can help you organize all the facts so that the appropriate decisions can be made.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Of course this requires that you reach out to someone and ask them to accompany you and that can feel overwhelming in and of itself. Don’t hesitate. This is the time when you need the people you love – and who love you – around you. So reach out, ask the question, and know that someone has your back.

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