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Global Proton Therapy Market Continues to Grow

When it comes to effectively killing off cancer cells, it’s hard to beat radiation therapy. Standard procedures, however, can prove problematic by also damaging nearby healthy cells during the treatment process, often leading to unwanted complications and side effects. When a life is on the line, however, the potential for side effects is often, and rightfully so, deemed worth the risk.

Even so, many wish there was a better way to gain the benefits of radiation without all the risks. As it turns out, there is for some. Proton therapy continues to rise in popularity across the globe, not only for its effectiveness but also its precision.

Proton therapy works in a similar fashion to standard radiation therapy. This treatment involves using a proton beam to irradiate cancer cells. This particular beam, however, can be highly targeted for precision. That means nearby healthy cells can be spared from damage in many cases while the cancer itself is still treated.

The rise in popularity of proton therapy is continuing across the globe. Researchers estimated that more than 80,000 people with either brain or prostate cancer have already been successfully treated using this method. In fact, the proton therapy market is on track to become a multibillion-dollar industry by 2019. By then, it is estimated that almost 330 proton therapy rooms will be made available worldwide for treatment of patients. As of 2014, there were only 141 rooms available on a global scale.

While highly effective, proton therapy has been slow to catch on because of the size room required to house equipment and the costs associated with it. The race is now on, however, to make more compact and affordable systems. This race is anticipated to result in equipment that will make proton therapy more widely available.

As the global incident rate of cancer continues to rise, new therapies are gaining ground in the battle against this disease. Proton therapy is one option that is continuing to grow in popularity courtesy of its effectiveness and ability to reduce side effect risks. Patients who are diagnosed with cancer are urged to discuss all treatment options with their healthcare providers.

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