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North Texas Oncology: What Patients Can Expect

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is not something anyone can really be prepared for. For an estimated 1.7 million Americans, this will become a reality in the coming year. Many of those diagnosed will find themselves working with a north Texas oncology provider to battle this disease. While the specifics of treatment will depend on each individual case, patients who select reputable providers can expect several things as they go through treatments.

Regardless of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment recommendations, reputable north Texas oncology providers will make sure their patients can expect:

  • Access to the most appropriate treatments – Cancer treatments are not one-size-fits-all. With that in mind, oncologists strive to help patients explore and select the most appropriate treatment in their unique cases. Reputable providers will help patients explore all viable options. Oncologists associated with larger cancer centers may even be able to provide patients access to cutting-edge treatments, such as proton therapy and immunotherapy, depending on the diagnosis and appropriateness.
  • An open line of communication – Oncologists who take a patient-first approach will generally go above and beyond to make sure patients are well-informed about their condition, options available to them and what to expect during treatments. Patients have a right to understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of any suggested treatment options. A good north Texas oncology provider will make sure to openly and frankly communicate everything from diagnosis and prognosis to possible side effect risks.
  • A high level of support – Excellent north Texas oncology practices understand that patients often need more than direct treatments to successfully battle this disease. With that in mind, better practices go above and beyond to make sure their patients have access to support groups, nutritional advice, auxiliary treatments and more.

A diagnosis of cancer can be very intimidating. When a reputable, north Texas oncology practice is selected to assist with care, patients can count on receiving support every step of the way.


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