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Obesity Linked to Greater Cancer Risk for Women

A connection between obesity and many types of cancer has long been established, but researchers are learning more about this potentially fatal bond. Scientists at Cancer Research UK have found that obese women put themselves at a much greater risk for the development of this deadly disease than their healthy weighted counterparts.

The latest study out of the UK showed, in fact, that women who are obese have a risk that’s 40 percent higher than other women for the development of weight-related cancers over the course of their lifetimes. The types of cancer that may present include such known killers as pancreatic, esophageal, bowel, kidney and uterine, among others.

The reasons for the increased risks are many. They include the fact that fat cells can enhance hormone production. Hormones, such as estrogen, are believed to be the fuel that feeds cancer cells and enhances their growth and spread.

Women who want to get aggressive about reducing their cancer risks are urged to take measures to drop weight in a healthy, safe manner. Achieving the goal involves shedding pounds to reach recommended weight for height and age. Dietary changes and exercise may have a profound impact on health, but sometimes medical intervention is required to experience effective weight loss that remains constant. Women who are overweight are urged to speak with their healthcare providers for recommendations to help them reach their goal weights. In addition, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol consumption and adopting other healthy lifestyle choices can all assist in lowering cancer risk.

While obesity can greatly increase a woman’s cancer risks, there are steps women can take to lower those odds. Getting aggressive with healthy lifestyle changes can make a profound difference researchers in the UK noted. In fact, only about 194 out of 1,000 British women who are of healthy weight develop weight-related cancers over their lifetimes. For those who are obese, the numbers risk to 274 out of every 1,000.

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