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Advanced Radiation Oncology Treatment in North Texas

Cancer treatment comes in many forms and among the most commonly used method is radiation. Radiation oncology, or radiotherapy, is the controlled use of radiation, usually in combination with other treatments, as a treatment for cancer. This treatment method has been used to treat many types of cancers with good results. A radiation oncologist takes the patient through the treatment modalities before they begin any procedure on the patient.

Radiation therapy is safe and effective, especially since the technology has continued to grow and advance. Advances in radiation technology have led to the following:

  • With improved technology, doctors are better able to find the precise location of tumors. This means that radiation can go directly to the affected area while avoiding healthy tissues and organs. The accuracy reduces the side effects on the patient while aggressively combating the cancer.
  • Radiation treatment can be in the form of external-beam radiation therapy which is done outside the body and is delivered by a machine. It can also be from a radioactive substance put inside the body to release radiation internally near the cancer cells, a process known as brachytherapy. Another form of radiation is systemic radiation where a radioactive substance is placed in the bloodstream to destroy cancer cells as they travel throughout the body.
  • Patients undergoing cancer treatment require a clean, comfortable and convenient environment to aid with their healing. A good cancer center like Choice Cancer Care in Texas has such a space for patients to take a break from the ravages of cancer. The area also offers useful reading materials that patients find helpful during their treatment journey.

Above everything else, cancer patients need emotional support because cancer treatment can be rough. The challenges this journey comes with can leave one faint-hearted and disillusioned. After all the therapies are done, a good support system helps cancer patients fight even harder, increasing their chances at a better life. Choice Cancer Care centers offers that support with compassion.

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