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Reasons Why More Americans, More Than Ever, Are Surviving Cancer

According to a report by the American Cancer Society, more Americans, more than ever are surviving cancer. The society defines survivors as anyone who has had a previous history of cancer or who is under cancer treatment. The increased survival rate has been observed across all genders, ages and race. While the survival rates may be lower for particular types of cancer such as lung cancer, it has has noticeably increased for most types of cancer.

What can the increased cancer survival rate be accredited to?

  • Early detection and diagnosis. Most cancers have a higher recovery rate when diagnosed at an early stage. Advanced technological innovations have led to highly effective diagnostic tools.
  • Greater awareness about cancer. The country wide advocacy and awareness efforts have raised the alertness among many individuals to be on the lookout for symptoms, and frequently get screened for cancer. Many Americans are now adopting healthier lifestyles such as eating nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, managing stress, and exercising to improve cancer survival.
  • Effective treatment methods. Over the years, research has been on-going to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment methods. The past decade has seen a rise in specialty cancer clinics and professionals such that a clinic can focus entirely on treating breast cancer or an oncologist can specialize in say, radiation therapy.
  • Integrated treatment approach. Apart from focusing just on treatment, many cancer centers offer an integrated treatment approach that incorporates mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.
  • Foundations, academic bodies, pharmaceuticals, cancer centers and government, among other numerous players, have invested in cancer research. These efforts have gone a long way in discovering new treatment methods, improving existing treatments and not to mention managing cancer.

More Americans than ever are surviving cancer, The National cancer Institute anticipates that the survival rate will continue to increase in the coming years.


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