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Taking a Time Out from Cancer Treatment

When you are undergoing treatment for cancer, you are immersed in a life that completely revolves around your disease – especially when you are newly diagnosed. There is often fear surrounding the diagnosis and anxiety surrounding the treatment plan. Before you know it, you are involved in a whole new world that barely resembles your “old” life. This is often necessary in the beginning as you become accustomed to the course of treatment and it how it fits into your daily life. Ultimately, however, this intensive focus can take not just a physical toll but an emotional toll as well. It becomes important to reestablish a routine that doesn’t have anything to do with treating cancer. It allows you to maintain your sense of individuality and freedom, do things that make you happy, and allow you to “unplug” from the stressors of being treated for cancer.

What are some of the things that you can do to take a time out from cancer and give yourself a respite in the middle of chaos?

Give yourself a no cancer talk respite. It can be all-encompassing to be focused on your disease all day, every day. Give yourself some time with your friends and family during which you talk about anything but cancer.

Engage in activities that make you feel complete and happy. It can be difficult to continue doing things that you love when you are feeling so unwell both physically and emotionally but it’s important to continue to integrate them into your life. In the end, they will be what allow you to remain focused on life after cancer.

Pamper yourself. Whether it’s a massage or a regular trip to the spa for a pedicure, it’s important to treat yourself to those things that make you feel indulged.

Take a yoga class, participate in meditation, and/or exercise on a regular basis. Regular activity can change you both physically and emotionally. In addition to helping you stay strong, it allows you to release the stress of cancer treatment if only for a little while.

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