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Technology and Cancer Treatment

New cases of cancer are estimated to be about over 1 million with close to 48,000 diagnoses every day. This is an alarming number, although the study is generally focused on all types of cancer instead of one.

Cancer treatment has evolved throughout the years with a lot of investment in research and technology. The medical field is determined to improve the diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer.

Researchers have used the immune system to combat this disease, but this is still in the developmental stages. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been a shift over the year as to how researchers observe and treat cancer tumors. They have broken down these large masses into smaller other masses for analysis and study.

These samples are then used to test the reaction of the immune system to these samples. The process is monitored closely and results recorded. Outcomes are then compared and discussed.

This is where technology is used to collect images using special technology that is non-invasive to the patient. Samples are collected form patients to enable researchers to pick out and observe the cells in the samples. Technology is used to reprogram and change the genetic code of these cells.

Manufacturers have begun developing new and more advanced equipment to use full spectrum technology to discover many cells in one sample. More demand for such equipment has been noticed especially because of the mutation of cancer cells at a high rate.

Pre- clinical trials and research institutes need this to advance their research. These tools will help to analyze, monitor and evaluate research being conducted at the trial stage.

It’s important to take cancer diagnosis seriously and benefit from cancer treatments resulting from these technological innovations.

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