Dr. Sheilane Mabanta, M.D.

“For me, the most important part of providing the very best care for my patients is making sure they truly understand their options so they feel in control of their bodies and their lives. The goal is always a long, healthy, high quality life and I work with my patients just as I would with one of my family members or my friends to help them achieve this goal.” ~ Dr. Sheilane Mabanta

Dr. Sheilane Mabanta is a skilled radiation oncologist, certified from the American Board of Radiology, with experience treating a variety of malignancies. After graduating cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Mabanta earned her doctorate in medicine from Tulane University of Medicine and completed her residency in radiation oncology at the Shands Cancer Center in Gainesville, Florida. Throughout her medical career, Dr. Mabanta has lectured extensively on head and neck cancers, as well as authoring many papers on the subject. She is a member of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, as well as the American College of Radiology, and has participated throughout her career in research related to the development of additional methods of stereotactic radio surgery.

Compassionate patient care has always been at the root of Dr. Mabanta’s practice as she experienced firsthand how cancer can impact a family. When she was nineteen years old, Dr. Mabanta lost her own father after his battle with lymphoma. This experience inspired her to enter a profession where she could help other families through their own journey of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Today, as medical director of the Cancer Center at Wise Regional, Dr. Mabanta is able to provide her highest level of care in a compassionate, respectful environment where she can serve her community.

Dr. Mabanta lives with her husband John, a physical therapist, and their two daughters Isabel and Ava. The family spends much of their time in the gym where Isabel and Ava participate in competitive level gymnastics.

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