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Press Releases

  • How North Texas Cancer Center is Helping Patients and Families Affected by Cancer
    Decatur, TX – September 19, 2020–North Texas Cancer Center at Wise Regional is a renowned cancer treatment center helping Texas cancer patients and their families. The center boasts of some of the best medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and doctors dedicated to delivering superior cancer care and treatment to patients with excellent clinical outcomes. Every […]
  • Cancer Patients Make Life Affirming Changes at North Texas Cancer Center
    Decatur, TX – Aug 26, 2020 – North Texas Cancer Center is not just all about cancer diagnosis and treatment. The center is patient-focused, working to ensure that even after diagnosis, patients will be able to manage and cope with cancer in the best way possible. At North Texas Cancer Center, patients learn about the […]
  • Radiation Therapy for Non- Small Lung Cancer
    A general scope about the treatment of non-small lung cancer. Decatur, Texas, July 13, 2020 – Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, involves the use of high-energy rays to kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA and inhibiting their growth and multiplication ability.  Non-small lung cancer is a malignant disease whose cells form in the lung […]
  • Understanding Lung Biopsy Procedures
    Choice Cancer Care explains the various lung biopsy procedures. Decatur, TX – June 15, 2020 –Lung biopsy procedures include removing tissue samples of the lung for examination to determine if lung cancer is present. The tissue samples can be removed during surgery or using a special biopsy needle. Lung biopsies can be performed in an […]
  • Dr. Amelia Tower Explains How Lung Cancer Recurs
    Understanding Lung Cancer Recurrence Decatur, TX – May 14, 2020 – In some patients, lung cancer can come back after treatment. The disease is likely to recur within five years after diagnosis. Recurrent lung cancer is common and can be defined according to the location of the recurrence. There are three forms of lung cancer […]

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