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Creating a Safe Environment for Cancer Surgery at North Texas Cancer Center

Decatur, TX – October 12, 2020 –North Texas Cancer Center has the best cancer specialists, including medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and doctors who offer superior cancer treatment to patients with the best outcomes. Cancer patients at the center receive the latest cancer treatments in a comfortable environment. North Texas Cancer Center provides personalized cancer care that matches each patient’s diagnosis, needs, and preferences.

Apart from ensuring quality cancer care for patients, North Texas Cancer Center also offers a safe space for cancer patients to have their surgery during this COVID-19 era. The center is now rescheduling surgeries based on the urgency of the patient’s condition. The oncology team, including surgeons, neurosurgeons, nurses, and critical care medical experts, has assessed the patients who need surgery as soon as possible and put them on schedule while ensuring their safety from infection.

North Texas Cancer Center understands that postponing surgery too long can cause cancer to progress to a stage that may render it incurable. Their decision to reschedule was made after weighing the potential benefits and risks the operation would pose for their patients. And since the center is well equipped with the latest equipment and medication to reduce patient risk, it is prepared to manage any problems that may arise.

Before patients are admitted at the center, they are first tested to ensure they’re in good health condition to undergo surgery. Their staff is also tested regularly to detect any asymptomatic infection and minimize risks for COVID-19. North Texas Cancer Care strives to deliver effective care by scheduling appointments remotely via tele medicine visits.

For patients scheduled for surgery, they have put isolation measures in place to combat the infection. North Texas Cancer Center has installed technology that ensures patients stay connected with their families for the time they’re undergoing surgery and recovery. The cancer center will always put their patients’ safety first before anything else.

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