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North Texas Cancer Center at Wise Regional Help Fight Cancer on All Fronts

Decatur, TX, Dec 15, 2020 – North Texas Cancer Center at Wise provides radiation therapy treatment to help fight cancer. The center takes great pride in its qualified medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, and doctors committed to providing top-quality cancer care and treatment with excellent outcomes.

North Texas Cancer Center at Wise uses various radiation therapies to treat cancer. The Integrated Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) uses computer-generated imaging to locate the tumor, after which hundreds of radiation beams are generated to destroy cancer cells. By delivering the radiation beams to the exact tumor location, the professionals have to control the amount of radiation-induced to the body, resulting in few complications and side effects and increased effectiveness. Other significant radiation therapies include stereotactic body radiation therapy and image-guided radiation therapy.

As one of the oldest most available therapies with cancer care, this clinic’s chemotherapy introduces medication in the patients’ body to eliminate the cancer cells and control the growth and spread of the cancer cells. On many occasions, chemotherapy can be used to manage cancer symptoms.

North Texas Cancer at Wise offers cancer treatment that comes in various forms but typically starts with a primary treatment like surgery to remove the tumor. Even after removing the tumor, there is a possibility of cancer returning. In such cases, the oncologist can recommend adjuvant cancer therapy, which refers to the follow-up cancer treatment administered following the primary treatment.

Surgery is one of the oldest types of cancer treatment offered by North Texas Cancer Center at Wise. It provides crucial information in the process of diagnosing cancer and discovering out how far cancer spread. Many advances in surgery have allowed surgeons at North Texas Cancer Center to operate on a growing number of patients providing good results. The surgery can be used to diagnose, treat, and even prevent cancer on various occasions.

North Texas Cancer Center at Wise Region is one of the cancer clinics that has invested in the most advanced cancer care systems to ensure cancer patients receive the highest treatment levels with excellent clinical outcomes.


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