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North Texas Cancer Center at Wise County is now offering The Trilogy™ System in Treating Cancer

Decatur, TX – Nov 16, 2020 – North Texas Cancer Center at Wise Regional is one of the most reputable cancer care centers offering technologically advanced diagnosis and treatment for cancer in Texas. The center is now offering the Trilogy system of treating cancer. Its commitment to using innovative diagnostic tools and technology has seen the facility utilizing Trilogy technology to treat cancer patients.

The Trilogy system offers image-guided radiation optimized for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), 3D conformal radiotherapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery and fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy.

Trilogy in IMRT uses computer technology to adjust the radiation beam’s intensity when targeting the tumor location. This enables the delivery of maximum doses to cancerous cells while reducing radiation exposure to nearby areas.

When used in IGRT, Trilogy helps to deliver precise radiation doses to tumor sites according to imaging results. It is used alongside the technology that delivers the radiation. IGRT is highly sensitive, and it also reduces radiation exposure to healthy organs and tissues.

In 3D conformal radiotherapy, radiation levels are shaped exactly like the tumor, including its height and weight. A 3D image is captured to allow precise radiation delivery to the tumor location and match the tumor’s exact shape.

Stereotactic radiosurgery allows doctors to treat cancers situated in areas that are hard to treat using surgery. Patients with poor health who cannot undergo surgery can also be treated with this method. It delivers one high dose of radiation to a precise tumor location.

Fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy works the same way as stereotactic radiosurgery; only that radiation is delivered in multiple doses spread in different procedures. It is used on body parts that can only receive radiation in small quantities.

Trilogy ensures fast treatment times and delivery of high radiation doses in short sessions with increased accuracy and precise targeting of tumor locations. Using Trilogy ensures minimal exposure to healthy tissue, very few side effects, access to hard to reach areas and fast recovery times. It provides more advanced tools that doctors use to treat cancer.

North Texas Cancer Center at Wise Regional is one of the centers that invest in the most advanced cancer care systems to ensure patients receive high treatment levels with excellent clinical outcomes.

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