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Personal Care

Couches Chairs Rugs LobbyAt the Cancer Center at Wise Regional, we recognize that successful cancer care focuses on the person not just the diagnosis. We are committed to providing our patients the most comprehensive care in an environment that is warm, compassionate, and completely supportive. That means creating a space that encompasses these priorities; a space where our patients and their families can be surrounded by a team dedicated to healing and where they can find the information they need to stay educated and involved in their treatment.

As a part of this commitment, our in-office infusion room is a space that is wholly patient-focused. This warm, healing environment includes comfortable recliners where patients can rest with cozy blankets during their treatment. We also provide a fully stocked patient resource room with a variety of cancer-related information – from books and CDs to DVDs – available free of charge to help our patients and their families become more informed about their diagnosis and the treatments available to them, as well as learn more about nutrition and other subjects related to cancer care. This is a comfortable, quiet place to gather information or just rest comfortably.

We also have an on-site lab where tests can be conducted easily and conveniently for our patients. And for our patients who are experiencing some hair loss due to their treatments, we make available a basket of locally-made, hand-knit caps.

Our patients are with us quite often as they go through their cancer treatment and we develop personal relationships with them as well as their families. As a result, our desire was to create an environment where they would feel comfortable and at home. This is part of our commitment here at the Cancer Center at Wise Regional to respectful, compassionate, patient-focused care.

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