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Prostate Seed Therapy

Prostate seed implants represent one of the most exciting developments in the treatment of prostate cancer. As an alternative to more invasive procedures, prostate seed implants offer a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment option for those diagnosed with prostate cancer. During a one-hour prostate seed implant procedure, tiny radioactive seeds/pellets are placed near the prostate tumor. Throughout the course of the following weeks or months, the pellet material naturally disintegrates, releasing a low dose rate of radiation as it does so. This process of prostate seed implants kills off cancer cells but no radioactive material is left behind in the prostate gland.

Research has been ongoing for years on prostate seed implants and it has been shown that this cancer treatment procedure is enormously effective. In fact, this cancer treatment has shown itself to be a great option for low risk prostate cancer patients, with results that are equivalent to surgery. And, for higher risk patients, when prostate seed implants are combined with other prostate cancer therapies such as external beam radiation, the results have shown to be even better than surgery.

Additionally, because this prostate cancer treatment procedure is fast and minimally invasive,cancer patients are able to go home that day and resume regular activities within a few days. Helping our patients maintain their lifestyle is important to us at the Cancer Center at Wise Regional in Texas, so the ability to offer the option of prostate seed implants treatment for our prostate cancer patients is of critical concern. Currently, the prostate seed implant procedure is available at multiple Choice Cancer Care centers in Texas.

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