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Which is the Best for you? Mastectomy or Lumpectomy Procedure

Breast cancer treatment is easy to select if there are several tumors. However, if you have one tumor, you have more than one treatment option available. Physicians provide guidance on the available treatments and help you to decide on the best method for you. If you are currently struggling to choose the right treatment, here are some explanations on why people choose various treatment options.

Lumpectomy Procedure

The procedure is suitable for women whose mass is concentrated in one place. It is also the best treatment if the cancer is diagnosed early. Benefits of choosing lumpectomy:

  • The procedure takes one hour to complete
  • The patient does not need hospital time if the lymph nodes are not removed during the procedure
  • Patients do not need a lengthy recovery time, so it is suitable for people who may find prolonged healing time an inconvenience
  • Patients do not have to schedule reconstruction immediately, especially if the tissue surrounding the mass and the surrounding skin are not severely damaged

Unfortunately, patients must be available for several weeks of radiation therapy. 

Breast Mastectomy

Mastectomy involves the complete removal of one or the two breasts. It is suitable for the following circumstances:

  • If the patient has chances of breast cancer re-occurrence
  • Cases where the patient wants to cut down post-operative treatment
  • For women who want to avoid the side effects of radiation therapy

Unfortunately, the recovery time for a mastectomy is longer compared to lumpectomies. In some cases, women may still need radiation therapy.

Before you decide on the best treatment option for you, gather as much information as possible. Talk to your physician about the pros and cons of each option. If you know a breast cancer survivor, talk to them about their experience. The more information you have will enable you to make an informed decision and will increase your confidence in the treatment selected.

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