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Ways for Prevention, Detection, and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that requires proactive measures to defeat. Regular screening and checkups can help identify the disease early while it’s treatable. Breast cancer incidence in women across the world is very high and is expected to rise in the coming years.

Mammography is the standard method for detecting breast cancer early. The procedure can identify tiny lesions in the breast before any symptoms manifest. Regular mammography tests increase the chances of successful treatments and survival of the patients.

It is important to know the preventive measures for breast cancer and how to detect and treat the disease. A mammography test is a short procedure that takes about 20 minutes. It is safe, with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Detecting breast cancer in its early stages can reduce one’s risk of dying from the disease. It is recommended for women to start taking mammography tests every year from the age of 40 or early if their risks are higher. People at high risk of the disease are those with family and personal history of the disease.

People who don’t take regular mammograms risk their cancer growing and spreading to other body parts.

However, not all breast cancers are detectable by mammography. Your doctor will recommend an annual clinical breast exam to help identify any changes in your breasts. You can also perform a breast self-exam at home to understand the normal appearance and feel of your breasts. Any abnormal change you may notice, such as a lump, should be reported to the doctor. Breast self-exams can be done alongside other screening tests.

Screening for breast cancer is essential. It can save your life by catching the disease early and treating it effectively. It is vital to invest in your health by taking the necessary preventive measures and getting examined and diagnosed for breast cancer early.

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